Night In Essentials

I love a night in. In fact, I go out of my way to make all nights “a proper night in”. This means a hot bath, at least two blankets, usually a good amount of chocolate, and an early bedtime. Basically I’m an old lady. Who eats a lot of chocolate.

Tonight’s bath consisted of a cocktail of LUSH bath bombs and shower gels. The benefits of working at LUSH include a fabulous staff discount – although I’m still well within my budget of £10.


Lord Of Misrule is pretty impressive. Lord Of Misrule is the name of the bath bomb, by the way, not a fantasy novel – although it sounds like one. There’s a cheeky little cherry red bomb inside the ordinary green one, which turns your bath a blood-red colour – perfect if you want to feel like you’re bathing in the blood of your enemies.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ‘slow burn’ of the bath bomb – it was still fizzling away happily fifteen minutes after I’d got in. The pepper and patchouli oil makes your skin soft and smell like Christmas (even though it’s October).

Next up, pyjamas!


My underwater-patterned pyjama bottoms are from Tesco, and were a bargain at £4 in the sale. They remind me of The Little Mermaid. Except she doesn’t wear pyjamas.

In this picture you can just about see my favourite blanket (it’s technically a ‘throw’ but I’m not fussy), which is a gorgeous lilac and grey tartan and came in at £3 from Primark.

A good book is always a nice addition to a chilled night in – I just finished “Before I Die” by Jenny Downham and it was the first book I’ve ever cried at. No, I didn’t cry at “The Fault In Our Stars”. Unpopular opinion time – I didn’t like it!

So there’s my night in essentials! I ate my chocolate bar before I could take a picture of it. Blogger problems…


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