20 Questions – Get To Know Me!

1: Name and age?

My name is Sally and I’m 20 years old. I actually started this blog on my 20th birthday!

2: Day or night?

I work best in the daytime – at night I just throw on my pyjamas and get into bed and do unproductive things like watch Netflix and play on the Sims!

3: What do you hear right now?

Very little, as I’m in my university library…

4: Do you want kids? Why or why not?

I’d love to have children because I’d love a big family. Also I’m excellent at Year 4 maths problems.

5: The scariest dream you had?

Recently I keep dreaming about massive piles of frozen wasps (I know right?!) being under my blankets when I go to get into bed…

6: How tall are you?

I’m 5 foot 2. The same height as an 11 year old.

7: The last thing you ate was…

Birthday cake for breakfast!

8. Some of your hobbies include…

Theatre, singing, dance, reading, writing, video games…

9. Something you like about your appearance is…

I have big eyes so I can stare at my enemy.
(I don’t really have an enemy.)

10. What was the last movie you watched?

I haven’t actually watched a film for aaages, so I looked on my Netflix and the last thing I watched was a Louis Theroux documentary about chimpanzees. Standard.

11. Do you look like your parents?

I look like my Dad. I have his beard.

12. Do you sing in the shower?


13. Something others have described you as…

Probably small. Shy.

14. Two of your fears are…

Looking out of windows when it’s dark, and ET (the little alien guy, I’m petrified of him. I once dropped shepherd’s pie all over myself because I was eating my tea and he came on the telly).

15. What do you study at uni?

I do Media Studies and I love it.

16. What is your favourite season?

Autumn, because I can wear hats and dark lipstick and get birthday presents and frolic in the leaves.

17. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

I’m an introvert. I tend to be scared of people.

18. How many books do you own?

At least 500. I’m a big reader.

19. What’s your must have makeup item?

Always lipstick. Bright pink, dark red, purple, absolutely anything.

20. What’s your job? Do you like it?

I currently work as a drama teacher for Stagecoach Theatre Arts. I LOVE my job (I’m very lucky).


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