My 2018 Resolutions

Hey, hi, hello! It’s 2018 and as always I’ve made a lovely lil’ list of resolutions that I probably will give up on mid-February. 2018 is shaping up to be a bloody stressful year – I’m supposed to be finishing my Masters, working 3 part-time jobs, and trying desperately to train my dog to STOP chewing my dirty clothes in the laundry basket. But I’m also looking forward to working on my blog – you can check out my specific blogging goals for 2018 here! – decorating my house, going on adventures with my wonderful new boyfriend and getting my #girlboss on.

Without further ado, here are a handful of my resolutions for the new year. Let’s hope it’s a good’un.

  1. Take time for myself. Working so much and violently procrastinating from doing my Masters assignments means I very rarely actually sit down and breeeathe. I’m going to be reading more – my top 5 books EVER feature in their own lil’ post if you’re interested – and watching more documentaries (“Tyke: Elephant Outlaw” broke my heart and I regret watching “Cropsey” at night time).
  2. Feel in control of my body. A delicious combination of stress-eating and anti-depressants has turned my body into a stranger. This year I’m starting a Slimfast journey (it’s the only weight-loss aid I’ve tried that actually works and doesn’t make me feel like curling up by the toilet); stretch every day so I feel stronger and stretchier like a really good hair bobble, and start ballet classes.
  3. Sort out my house. I moved in over a year ago, but my house is still a funny mix of ‘me’ (pastels, lots and lots of bright white furniture) and ‘the guy who owned the house before me’ (terrible DIY jobs, mysterious wires, really ugly blue carpet). I’m sick of closing my curtains so I don’t have to look at The Worlds’ Ugliest Garden (mine), and I genuinely didn’t let James into the spare room until I forgot to close the door one day. I’m honestly surprised he didn’t ring 999. I’m going to set aside an hour a day to keep on top of tidying and cleaning (ya girl has house bunnies, and they like to throw their hay around, because they’re wild).
  4. Pass my driving test. After spectacularly failing my first try (apparently I didn’t look in my mirrors once, which I find hard to believe but OKAY WHATEVER IT STILL HURTS OKAY?), I’m more than ready to get my Baby Driver on and whizz about in my own little car. Once I’ve passed my test I can’t wait for long drives and days out with my dog/boyfriend. That’s my dog OR my boyfriend. Not that my boyfriend is a dog.
  5. Go to Iceland! James and I have decided that this year we’re heading off to Iceland – I’ve never been abroad and am absolutely petrified of aeroplanes so to be honest, James will probably be holding my hand and/or my sick bag, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it when we get there. It’ll be such a special thing for us to experience that time together, so I’ll be working on keeping our relationship strong (I’ve already thrown up in his presence and proudly burped directly into his face and he hasn’t ran off screaming, so we’re doing well) and saving money (‘cause from what I’ve heard, Iceland is flipping expensive!).

Since drafting this post (’cause I’m organised as heck), I’ve made some pretty big decisions regarding this year. I’m suspending my studies because tbh it’s difficult enough remembering to brush my teeth and feed my dog every day, let alone bashing out 5000 words on the regular and not actually contemplating leaping out of the window and/or heavy-duty plagiarism (aka getting my mum to write the essays for me). That’s putting it lightly, of course – not really feeling the urge to share how difficult I’ve found my time at uni just yet, but if you’re interested in hearing about my experience, or are in the same boat – hope not, I hope you’re smashing it – let me know and I’ll scribble something down.

Hopefully this extra breathing room (which has already opened a metaphorical window for me; it’s literally like fresh air coming back into my life) will give me a lot more time to express myself online, so expect regular(!) new content and an overall happier Twitter feed with less misery and more dog selfies.

What are some of your resolutions? Do you make a big ol’ list at the start of the year like me? You probably all keep up with your resolutions as well, you load of smartie pants. Hit me up on Twitter @little_budget and tell me some goals – we’ll boss them together.



  1. Yasmin
    January 17, 2018 / 11:43 pm

    Hahaha, I desperately want to pass my driving test, too! Iceland, is definitely on my travel bucket list – you’ll be fine flying. just see it as a new and exciting experience! thousands of planes fly every day, so you’re gonna be absolutely fine. hope you have a lovely time!

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five

  2. January 21, 2018 / 5:16 pm

    Really fab resolutions, I am loving your photos for this. I definitely want to pass my driving test this year, it comes with so much freedom. And taking time for yourself is very very important. Good luck with all of them this year, I’m sure you’ll smash them.

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