The Puppy Diaries: Amber is 10 months old!

In Amber’s 10 months of life, she’s learned how to sit, shake my hand with her tiny little sharp-clawed paw, spin round like a Beyblade (remember those bad boys?!), give me a high five, and managed to eat about 90% of my underwear drawer.

She’s made tentative friends with my house bunnies. Actually, that’s a lie – she’s made friends with Paul (yes, my rabbit is called Paul and he’s a right dapper little gent) but Piper (Paul’s wife and the second most grumpy bun in the world – first place goes to my parents’ rabbit Pixie who I’m convinced in Ghengis Khan reincarnate) can’t stand her and puffs up all fat and fluffy, which is entertaining to watch but maybe not the most peaceful scenario to be carried out in my living room.

When I brought Amber home, she was the tiniest, squishiest, roll-iest (not a word, but this girl had serious chub rolls) puppy I had ever seen. Her little ears folded over like teeny burritos. She was a little angel in chihuahua-staffy form (yes, that’s her actual breed. “How did that happen?” I hear you cry. Not even a baby gate could separate her parents. True love). Her little legs were so stubby she could barely walk – she tumbled through the first few weeks of her forever home.

I bought her a crate – which she sat in for twenty seconds, peed in, and hopped out. She slept in my arms the first night – and has done so every single night since, with surprisingly minimal accidents (apart from the time she ate some couscous and things happened).

Then she got a little bigger and I could take her for walks! Her true contrary nature comes out in full force when her harness goes on – this little one refuses to walk in the rain. She just stops and looks at me as if to say, “are you ACTUALLY kidding”.

As she got bigger, so did her attitude. I shriek “Oh for the love of god Amber!” at least thirteen times a day as she deliberately lures me in with her bulgy little bong eyes only to bite my nose off. The nibbling is another thing. Dear LORD this girl and her teeth. She’s developed a charming habit of nipping my hands when she’s excited, something I’m desperately trying to train out of her (with lots of “gentle teeth! Gentle teeth!” as if she actually knows what I’m talking about).

I wouldn’t change her for the world – she’s ridiculous and chaotic, but then so am I, a little bit. She makes me go outside (but barks at me if I wear a hat, ’cause she doesn’t like hats) and we play fetch or go for a jog (read: she jogs, I walk behind her toting some poo bags).

Getting a puppy was a huge decision. I knew she would be a LOT of responsibility, but what I didn’t expect was the amount she would change my life. I became one of those dog parents – Amber went to Puppy Parties, went for Puppy Grooms; had Puppy Portraits taken.

She’s clever, but also REALLY stupid. This little one can pick up tricks no bother whatsoever (and won first place at an RSPCA dog show in ‘Best Trick’! This story is less impressive when I let you in on the fact that she was the only dog that entered that category…) but she also can’t quite navigate stairs. She can walk off her lead no bother but somehow manages to get tangled up in my pyjamas in the middle of the night and cries until I sort out her little blanket nest and pop her back into it. She sleeps with her head on the pillow next to me like a little furry human with really bad breath.

Sorry for the puppy spam, but really, Amber is like my little baby. My little baby who wees in the garden.

Have you got any pets? What have you learned from them? Hit me up on twitter @little_budget and let’s share animal photos because honestly, I’ll probably cry and steal your pets. Speak soon!



    • Sally
      January 22, 2018 / 12:08 pm

      Thank you so much! x

  1. January 22, 2018 / 7:05 pm

    So honored to share a name with this cutie! I can’t wait to have a dog; they really do change your life and add so much meaning. She is so so sweet! So glad we all get to watch her grow!

    Amber ||

  2. February 5, 2018 / 12:57 pm

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I love her! This post is so heartwarming <3 we're getting a puppy in April/May (the puppies were born on Friday) and while I'm traditionally a cat person I am SO excited to have another baby! I'm gonna be a cat mum AND a dog mum!

  3. March 10, 2018 / 11:08 pm

    She’s the cutest omg! I got a puppy a couple weeks ago and they’re SO much responsibility but so worth it! x

  4. March 30, 2018 / 9:47 pm

    Awwwww Amber is so adorable! I just have a cat right now (I love her so much haha), but I realllllly want to get a puppy.

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