My Powerful Colour (with Simply Be)

I’ve always suited red, according to my mum. She also says I suit anything ‘sporty’, which is ironic because I’ve been known to wear gym leggings to go to Pizza Hut, so we’ll gloss over that.

Red is one of my absolute favourite colours to wear: it’s a lovely happy bright pop of colour (my personal favourite hue is red-pepper red, just fyi) that works with literally EVERY neutral you could ever wish for. Red and white? Cute 90s American teen. Red and black? Super cool sophisticated ladybird. Red and denim? Literally the prettiest combination ever.

I’ve never been brave enough to go ALL OUT, though, til this lil’ beauty came along. It’s red. It’s lace. It makes me feel a little bit like a very sassy ballerina with the most flattering sleeves ever to protect the world from my very pale and larger-than-average upper arms. It’s from Simply Be’s Partywear Collection (which I browse adoringly despite last being invited to a party when I was about nine).

The dress has layers, which is great for a) hiding any tummy insecurities you might have (even though tummies are literally THE cutest and you should be proud of your lil’ tum and show it off at every available opportunity), and b) twirling round and feeling like an actual fire princess. The lace detail is SO pretty – all floral and intricate but nice and soft so you’re not getting all itchy (this is an important feature for me as I once had THE prettiest little lace cardi which felt like I was wearing a sandpaper poncho).

You get a cheeky little flattering flash of skin at the top of the dress without having to bung on a pushup bra (in fact, you can easily go braless in this dress, ’cause who’s got time to strap yourself in before you go out? The lace detail on the sleeves is SO flipping pretty – and I think looks lovely with my pale skin (imagine a paint chart – I’m literally skirting-board-white-gloss pale), but would look beautiful with a tan too.

Now for the serious stuff – except it’s me writing, so it’ll be serious but also have lots of really long sentences, brackets and sarcasm. I’ve been having a MAJOR confidence wobble in 2018. I started trying to tone up, lose a little excess weight and feel comfortable and at home in my body again, instead of seeing it as the enemy in the mirror wearing Pokemon pyjamas. I suddenly felt that I wasn’t good enough – and that applied to every single area of my life. I was struggling at work, with blogging (which took a back seat so far away it’ll be on a beach in Australia by now), with my appearance and with my health in general. So I took a little step back.

Red is really a powerful colour. It’s a don’t-mess-with-me colour; a capable colour. You can’t blend in when you wear red (unless you’re in the World Museum of Red, which doesn’t exist and I should never have written this sentence because it’s very silly, and I apologise).

I’m starting to express myself through fashion more. I wore black leggings and varying giant sloppy jumpers every day through college (mainly because my then-boyfriend told me I looked scruffy and he didn’t want me wearing them any more, so I wore them every single day as an act of protest). I started to only buy clothes if they were two sizes too big, and black. Now I vary from looking like a pastel fairy (this is a girl who went out IN PUBLIC in a baby pink pinafore dress, white turtleneck and a pink coat and felt like a flippin’ angel baby), to one of those really cool girls on Pinterest with big messy buns and interesting hemlines. I’m still finding out what MY style is going to be – but I know my wardrobe is going to include a heck of a lot of red.

What’s your powerful colour? Do you have an item of clothing that makes you feel amazing and powerful and essentially like the massive queen you are? Let me know! Hit me up on Twitter @little_budget and let’s have a chat.

Huge thanks to the lovely people at Simply Be for this dress – it’s so beautiful and PERFECT for my first Valentine’s Day with my new boyfriend (who hasn’t seen the dress yet and I’m hoping he won’t see the post ’cause you know, ya girl needs to knock him out with a LRD, right? That’s Little Red Dress. As opposed to Little Black Dress. See what I did there? Yeah? Okay. Bye!




  1. Sophie
    February 12, 2018 / 1:07 am

    I wear gym clothes so often because they’re comfy, I usually workout in the evening anyway but I’ll wear them the whole day beforehand! I can’t pull off red clothes, but I imagine it’s such a lovely colour on other people!

    -Sophie xx

  2. Anu
    March 1, 2018 / 4:59 pm

    This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love wearing red as well, it makes me feel so confident. My wardrobe is full of blue just because I think it suits me no matter the shade and I’ve also started collecting quite a few dark green pieces. Although I don’t have that many red items I think it’s my powerful colour too!

    P.S. I absolutely love your content! Just followed on Bloglovin <3

    Anu | Based On blog

  3. March 1, 2018 / 5:44 pm

    You look amazing in this dress – very nice, such a bold colour.

    My favourite colour in clothes at the moment is mustard – I literally gravitate towards mustard clothes in shops :’)

    Kirsty xo.

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