Today I’ll be reviewing this solid shampoo bar from LUSH. The brand carries a good variety of these, ranging from scented to specialised for hair growth and scalp conditions. Each bar costs £5.75 – and I’ll tell you now, I LOVE them!


LUSH “New” Shampoo Bar, £5.75

The LUSH website says that these little bars (about the size of the palm of my hand, so not too tiny) are the equivalent of two or three 200ml bottles – and last up to 80 washes.

I have to admit, I was a bit confused when the shop assistant recommended this to me as a good shampoo. It looks like a soap, it feels like a soap, and it smells like a soap (albeit a delicious cinnamon-scented one). Unsurprisingly, I thought it was a soap.

The particular bar I was advised to try is called the “New” bar. It contains peppermint and cinnamon, which stimulate hair growth as well as thickening my existing hair. As someone with trichotillomania (a compulsion to pull and tug out my hair), this was something I didn’t realise I could have without getting special medicinal shampoo – which let’s face it, usually smells gross and is overly expensive.

The bars are simple to use – just like a bar of soap. Once the lather is all over your hands, use it on wet hair. The tiniest amount of foam will produce loads of gorgeously spicy-smelling bubbles which give a really deep clean.

My opinion? I’m sticking with these. They’re comparatively cheap, take up little space and are completely natural products. I’ll be picking some more up in LUSH’s boxing day sale.


Here are my top 3 tips for fashion on a budget:

1) Shop Unseasonably

In September/October the shops start frantically trying to get rid of anything that even hints “summer”. If you can resist the temptation of palm-tree-patterned playsuits as soon as they arrive instore, you’ll save at least 50% when they’re eventually bundled into the sale rail.

Find cosy Winter jumpers around April/May time – this is when Spring usually appears instore. If you’re lucky it might still be cold enough for you to snuggle up in your sale jumper as soon as you’ve bought it. I always recommend buying jumpers a couple of sizes up – unless you’re going for the “knitted wetsuit” look.

2) Do I Reeally Need This?

You’ve found the perfect olive-green floor skimming kimono. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I really need this?
Would this create 3 outfits with the other clothes in my wardrobe?

These questions work with anything; from basic cami tops to bright orange jeans.
Maybe you have another cardigan that’s just a slightly different shade of grey from the one you’ve just fallen in love with. Maybe you could rip the knees of your jeans yourself instead of paying an extra £20 for less fabric? It’s possible that the bright pink thigh high boots you just HAVE to have wouldn’t really match anything else in your wardrobe.

I’ll be doing “3 Ways to Wear” posts in the future, where you can see exactly what I mean.

3) Giving Back

Quite simply – charity shopping. Car boot sale shopping. Some of my favourite pieces have come from these places. A vintage Armarni denim jacket from Age Concern for a fiver. Brand new genuine Doc Marten boots for ten pounds from a car boot sale.

Find your brands at these places. I find Topshop jeans in my local charity shop ALL the time. Not only do you save a ton, you’re giving money to charity (or people who’ve got up at 5 o clock to put all of their old stuff on a table in a field). You feel fabulous and look even better.