This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve spent approximately 20 of the past 24 hours in bed, looking glumly out of the window and wondering why exactly it is that I can’t drag myself out of bed, into a hot shower and out into the big wide world.

But let’s not dwell. I really thought about what makes me happy – think those weirdly specific things that you don’t realise you love until you REALLY think about it. Here we go.


  1. Reading a new magazine. Bonus points if you’re either tucked up in bed with a cold beverage (Aldi’s own-brand diet coke is my current favourite) or soaking in a brightly coloured bubblebath.
  2. Animals. Animals are little pure balls of love. You can’t feel sad when you’re snuggling up with a bunny rabbit/cat/dog/chinchilla.
  3. Sales. It’s a well-known fact in my family that if I disappear in a clothes shop, you’ll find me under the giant “Sale” sign. I don’t even look at full-priced clothes. The feeling I got when I bought a replacement of my all-time favourite rose gold watch for 25% of what I’d originally paid in H&M was second to none.
  4. Documentaries. Forget about literally everything else, stick my babe Louis Theroux on the TV and get totally drawn in. If you’re not mad keen on classic British awkwardness, turn to YouTube. From trashy (“Murdered By My Sister’s Stalker!”) to truly awe-inspiring (“My Flesh and Blood”),  something always sticks with you.
  5. Buying new shampoo and conditioner. Not having to squish the life out of a shampoo bottle to get the last tiny little dregs at the bottom is one of life’s simple pleasures.
  6. Social Media. Feeling glum? Search #bunniesofinstagram. Fancy a chat? There are literally hundreds of lovely likeminded girls (and guys) in the blogging community just 140 characters away.
  7. Doing your hair perfectly first time. Ah, the perfect messy bun. Extra fun if you manage it without a mirror!
  8. Musicals. Whether you’re a Heathers kinda person or you prefer the old classics (Oklahoma, anyone?), nothing better than a bit of a sing-song along to something cheesy.
  9. Jenna Marbles. I’m actually obsessed with Jenna – not only has she produced some pretty hilarious videos (her Face Swap video with her boyfriend has me actually sobbing) but she’s so intelligent (just listen to her podcast) and original that she’s a real source of inspiration for anyone wanting to make a career online.
  10. Mars Milkshakes. You know those little cartons of Mars Bar milkshakes? Yep, those bad boys. AMAZING.
    13642881_730174417121747_850429227_n (1)
  11. Matching underwear. You’ve got your life together if you’re not wearing 2013 Tesco sale knickers.
  12. Having a healthy-eating day. Those days when you eat your five-a-day and supplement everything with chickpeas are great. Of course, then you ruin it by having a Burger King, but it’s the thought that counts, right?
  13. Planning. Having a handy little diary (or 3) is lovely and makes you look 100% professional and put together.
  14. Clean sheet night. Ahh, clean sheet night! Absolute bliss. Combine this with a new magazine and a Mars milkshake and you’ve pretty much got my perfect night in.
  15. Burning a new candle. I’ve actually got a little drawer of candles waiting to burn. I can’t choose. It’s literally like Sophie’s Choice.
  16. Getting parcels delivered. Who cares if it’s a fake Kylie lip kit I bought on a whim from AliExpress? I’m flipping excited to wait those 25-50 shipping days and get my hands on my new stuff.
  17. Next day delivery. Praise the genius who came up with this idea. Shopping has never been crueller to my PayPal account.
  18. Loungewear. I live in joggers. I also live in pyjama leggings, matching sets and fluffy socks. It’s my happy place.
  19. RuPaul’s Drag Race. C’mon hunty.
  20. My blog! I’m growing to love my blog again and getting my long-disappeared mojo back. Yay!

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I’ve been blogging for nearly two years now. My blog and I share a birthday (17th of October, if you fancy sending my blog a birthday card). I’ve been motivated and I’ve been totally lazy. Haven’t we all?!

I love blogging though – I love the whole community that comes along with it. Fabulous, gorgeous, inspirational women and men; the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds I’ve ever seen; immaculate blog themes that make my blog look like a baby’s art project.


I like being able to write whatever I want: whether it be about makeup, my ever-thinning hair, or random bits and pieces from my everyday life. I’ll be moving into a new house soon, and you better believe I’ll be blogging the whole process (expect a lot of “JESUS CHRIST SOFAS ARE EXPENSIVE” and “help, I’ve fallen in love with a biscuit tin but it’s £19”).

I’m even getting to grips with photography – although you might notice a distinct lack of them this month. As I tweeted last month, moving in with my parents while I wait for my house to be ready is all well and good, but not when I can’t find a flat white surface to do my flatlays on!

Still not confident enough to post pictures of myself on social media (bar a cheeky few when I’m really feelin’ myself and my phone camera is blurry enough), but I’ll get there I’m sure.

I’ve had some great opportunities – any ‘blogger mail’ I get is gratefully received (and then shown off to my entire family, who literally don’t care about makeup whatsoever) and squealed over.

I’m lucky to be involved with brands like Coconut Lane; some seriously sassy girl bosses who – despite what anyone on Twitter says – support bloggers and offer a lovely community to be welcomed into.

So basically, what I’m trying to explain is that I love my blog. It’s still a baby; it needs some work (and a pipdig layout, I reckon), but I’m getting there. Watch this space!

Are you a blogger? Tell me what you love about blogging and let’s all have a big mushy love-fest together. That sounds wrong. Ignore me.
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Okay, so the prompt for today’s #GGBlogChallenge was about favourite recipes. I went off into a brief carbohydrate-laden daydream, then remembered that literally every single one of my favourite recipes includes chickpeas, so it would be a pretty boring list: chickpea salad. Chickpea burgers. Chickpeas.

I started thinking about that age-old question I’ve been sick of hearing since I was old enough to be questioned about my moral food-related choices. I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life and have actually never eaten meat or fish. If you’re a vegetarian, let me know if you’ve heard some of these bangers. If you’re not – STOP ASKING ME THESE THINGS.

“What, so you’ve never eaten bacon??!!” No. I haven’t. I have, however, hand-fed piglets at a farm, so I think my interactions with our porcine friends are more positive and life-affirming. Also, I have Quorn bacon sandwiches on Christmas Morning so who’s the real winner here…?

“I couldn’t be a vegetarian.” That’s interesting. I’m not asking you to be one.

“Oh, I was a vegetarian, for like, 2 months!” Cool. I toyed with swimming lessons, scoobidous (remember those bad boys?!) and Yu-Gi-Oh for about the same amount of time.

“Beeeef. Haaaam. Porrrrk. Dead animaaaals!” Usually accompanied by manic laughter, with the possibility of a tuna sandwich being waved in my face –  this one is literally SO idiotic. I don’t even think I have to explain why.

“So what do you actually eat?” Broken glass. Microwaves. Blankets. Moths. Keyrings. Grass. Does that answer your question?

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I’m a rare species of person in that I’m not really keen on music and I’m still unsure of who or what FKA Twigs is.

However, as one of those musical theatre people (but not one who does stretches right in front of you to show how bendy I am – mainly because I am not at all bendy and stretches hurt me deeply), I’ve been known to enjoy the odd soundtrack or two.

Here’s a little list of what I’ve been enjoying so far (jazz hands are optional).

The Billy Elliot soundtrack. This one’s flipping good if you want to get a bit angry and passionate about miner’s rights (it’s a bit PG, this one – unless you want your children/cousins/nieces/nephews belting out “you f*cking Geordie sh*ts” in perfect harmony)…

The From Here to Eternity soundtrack. This musical had a tiny West End run and then disappeared off the face of the planet and straight into my iPod. Listen to “Love Me Forever Today” if you want a cute, fuzzy feels trip.

The Heathers soundtrack. Get your knee-high socks on and dig out your smallest school skirt, this is just. so. sassy. “Candy Store” is a personal favourite; it makes me want to do a high ponytail and wear a blazer in my everyday life.

The Legally Blonde soundtrack. Elle Woods is essentially an icon, am I right? Her banging one-liners are actually pretty inspiring (my current favourite: when asked if she got into Harvard Law, she replies “What, like it’s hard?” Iconic.), so if you want a shot of girl power, have a listen to “So Much Better” while you’re getting ready in the morning.

Let me know if you get your toes tapping to any of the above (ooh, and let me know what your favourite musical is!), and follow me on bloglovin, or hit me up on Twitter @little_budget.


No matter how horrendous life might seem at times (I just broke my longest nail, for instance, and I’m pushing through a harrowing mourning period), there’s always something to be thankful for. It can be big or small; important or fleeting. Here’s a little list of what I’m thankful for.

I have enough money to pop into Primark and pick up a pair of new pyjamas whenever the impulse strikes me (basically about once a fortnight – a gal’s gotta have Coca Cola pyjama leggings, right?)

I have enough stability in my life to care for my ever-growing menagerie of pets! I recently adopted a baby girl bunny to keep my little Prince Charming company (he’s not called Prince Charming but he really should be; that little guy is SMOOTH AF).

I have a wonderful job. Yep, I could do with a few more hours and the admin is FRIGHTFUL. but I get to work with some amazing, hilarious children every week. Seeing a little girl go from awkward and scared to belting out the high notes in “Tomorrow” like there’s, well, no tomorrow – nothing beats that feeling.

My family is the We’re a crazy bunch (my mum regularly impersonates Miranda Sings, for example, and my Dad has worn a bumbag every day for about 35 years) but I love them to bits and wouldn’t have them any other way.

I’m getting an education that 100 years ago girls would only dream of. Education is SO important, and taking it for granted is extremely ignorant.

I’m about to move into my very own house – all mine, no rubbish landlords who take 8 months to mend my shower; no downstairs neighbours whose adventurous Tinder dates knock on my door by accident; no 5 flights of stairs to walk down to take the bins out.
Also I’ll get to utilise my “Home Inspiration” Pinterest board, and I’m pretty flippin’ excited about that.

Now I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy about what I’m thankful for, it’s your turn! Let me know what you’re thankful for in the comments, follow me on bloglovin, or hit me up on Twitter @little_budget.