Well hello there, 2017! Here’s hoping you’ll be less hideous than your predecessor.
I’ve been busying myself these past couple of days sorting out my Christmas presents, drinking excessive amounts of Shloer and trying desperately to burn the last of my Christmas candles (I failed. Miserably).

I’ve been reminiscing on 2016 this week – here’s some nice things that happened to me – and I fancied doing another lil post.

I’ve been having a think about some of my favourite stuff from 2016. I might venture into a lil beauty-themed version of this post, but for now: this is just stuff I’ve loved in 2016. Let’s go!


Whether it’s copper wire baskets, gold baubles on my Christmas tree or these gorgeous rose gold ankle boots, I’ve loved everything metallic this year. I may as well turn into a robot just so I could be made of copper. #goals.

Dr PawPaw
Right, I don’t know who Dr PawPaw is but I love him/her/them because this stuff does EVERYTHING. My lips have never been so moisturised and pretty and soft; my cuticles are joyful and it’s done a great job of tackling any dry skin patches. Hallelujah.

My Dad Wrote A Porno
This x-rated podcast does what it says on the tin. Jamie’s dad (under the porn pseudonym Rocky Flinstone) has written a series of incredibly dubious erotic novels, which are read out with hilarious commentary by Jamie and his friends James and Alice. I want to be best friends with all of them immediately. This podcast is genius – just don’t listen to it in public or you’ll embarrass yourself shrieking in horror/hilarity on the bus.

Okay but have you got a makeup bag with your blog name on?! Thanks so much to Lucy and Kate for this amazing Christmas present that has literally made my entire year.

Tsum Tsums
I accidentally started collecting these cuties. I swear it was an accident. I can’t stop. Someone send help.

I just want everything to sparkle, okay? Whether it’s my highlight, eyeshadow or the amazing L’Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks with ACTUAL GOLD SPARKLE, you better believe I’ve been a right little glitterball this year.

What were your faves of 2016? Let me know on Twitter @little_budget, and hit me up on bloglovin so you don’t miss any new posts!


What a truly hideous year 2016 has been. We’ve lost idols and icons (and one of my absolute favourite actresses/women/badasses Carrie Fisher – what a legend she was!) and a certain Orange One has been elected as the President of the United States…

But 2016 wasn’t all bad! Looking back, it’s been a pretty good year for me. Here’s 5 reasons why…


  1. I bought a house! If you’ve been wondering where on earth I am and if I’ve given up on my blog entirely, fear not – I’ve been up to my elbows in paint and tiles and cutlery as I stagger about through adulthood. Me and my zoo (two bunnies, six rats) are happily installed chez Sally, with only one or two minor emergencies (such as the time when my house alarm went off at 1am, and I was physically unable to switch it off for a good half hour. Amazing).
  2. I got a job at the Disney Store! As someone who *gasp* actually enjoys working in retail (it’s the managers that usually scare me off), this has actually put the cherry on top of my year. I LOVE my job: dishing out stickers, stacking teddies and totally not singing along to “Be Our Guest” on the sound system.
  3. I adopted pets! This year have seen me add two bunnies to my family – Paul and Piper, who are super loved-up and make me laugh when they’re haring (pun intended) round the garden or engaging in a Battle Royale-type scenario if I give them a slice of carrot. This year I said sad goodbyes to my four ‘original’ rats (Generation 1, as I now affectionately call them), but welcomed more little squeaky creatures into my house. I started with 4 and now have 6, when I couldn’t resist some rescues in my local pet shop!
  4. I got some serious job satisfaction! I teach at a weekend performing arts school, and this year saw my amazing students get their best exam results EVER. If I can remember rightly, we got the best marks in the North of England! Get in.
  5. I got a first in my second year at uni! Education is extremely important to me: I never take it for granted even when I’m viciously procrastinating and playing the Sims 4 instead of working on my dissertation. Ya girl was super pleased with her results this year.

And of course, there’s my amazing readers, and the gorgeous blogger community on Twitter who’ve always got my back. Thanks for making my year!

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Okay, so where did October go?! I’ve spent this month in a work-centred fog (you’re reading the innermost thoughts of a Disney Cast Member now, don’t’cha know?!) and have just now got two seconds to sit down and have a think about my favourites of October. Here they are!

Drag Queens. Yes gawd; RuPaul and his army of fabulous queens have cheered me up no end this month. Not only did I get to binge-watch my babe Katya in All Stars 2, but I booked tickets to meet Trixie Mattel in November. Come throuuuugh!

ALL the glitter. Probably something to do with a combination of the aforementioned drag queens and Halloween; I’ve been loving glitter this month. Glitter eyeshadow has become an everyday staple, and I’ve been experimenting with a suuuper shimmery highlight.


Primark. My favourite haunt has really stepped up their game this month! My 22nd birthday found me forking out all of my birthday money on slouchy slogan jumpers (this “Do More Of What Makes You Happy” print is so cute!), long-sleeved dresses, boots and scarves. Just gorgeous – bring me ALL of the baby pink!

Online shopping. eBay and AliExpress are getting more of my custom than the local Tesco. I’ve been picking up unbranded palettes and makeup brushes like my life depends on it (and I might have picked up a couple of liquid lipsticks VERY similar to a certain Miss Jenner’s…).

Reading. A combination of depression and work have kept me from my book collection lately, but I’ve managed to find a little chunk of time before bed to relax and escape to another world. I’ve just finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and was pleasantly surprised, but next on the list are definitely some zombie thrillers. Ya girl loves her zombies!

What have you loved this month? Hit me up on twitter @little_budget or do me a lil favour and follow me on bloglovin. Speak soon!


Autumn is my ultimate fave. So are clothes, and bargains, and also chocolate, but that won’t be featured in this post. Soz.

So I came across Everything5Pounds.com, and my little autumn/clothes/bargain-loving brain went into overdrive. I spent a good hour or two adding 50 or 60 pieces to my wishlist, and then trying to resist the urge to buy all of them. I narrowed it down to some key pieces.

Just to let y’all know, I did a big order before working with the brand, and I can safely say I would have paid at LEAST double for every item I received! The products are really amazing quality, and feel sturdier and more well-made than some of my more expensive pieces.


I picked up this bag for work – I needed something durable and structured that would hold all of my bizarre work paraphernalia (life of a drama teacher – currently this bag is holding 100 mini plastic balls, a mini bowling set, 50 copies of the lyrics to ‘Naughty’ from Matilda the Musical and an orange kitkat bar in case I get peckish). This bag is simple enough to pair with anything – and who doesn’t love a bit of crocodile print for detail?!

The bag even has little gold feet at the bottom so you can put it on the floor without having to panic about ruining your new lil baby. Perfect! Find this bag here: Textured Panel Front Shopper Bag.


You know when you have a scarf that looks absolutely BEAUT but is actually a demon itchy creation sent from the depths of Hell to ruin your life? Yeah, buy this scarf instead. It’s seriously SO soft – no neck rashes here. Just me that gets a rash off itchy scarves? Sorry for oversharing.

The Aztec pattern is already promising to take me all the way through Autumn and keep me super cuddly in Winter. Pick one up here – Aztec Panel Scarf  and be my scarf twin!


Teeshirt-style dresses are just the ultimate casual dress, aren’t they? I picked up this cross-detail black number (and was a bit pessimistic about sizing; ordered a Large and was pleasantly surprised when, although it was a bit big, it draped nicely and looked deliberately oversized. Score!). The sleeves are long enough to not reveal any accidental “I forgot to shave my armpits because it’s nearly Winter” embarrassment…

You can literally wear this dress however you like – go for a smaller size if you want a tight fit that’ll look absolutely #GirlBoss with a pair of black tights & high heeled ankle boots, or a larger size like mine that’s perfect for running errands or staring out of the window of the bus imagining you’re in an indie film. You can find this teeshirt dress here: Cotton Blend Mini Dress.


I’ve always loved wearing big boots. For someone so little (who used to have little stick legs before she started eating excessive amounts of cheese and then running 5k on the treadmill), I just like how it looks – a little tiny body with some kick-ass boots on the bottom. Perfect.

I picked these bad boys – Black Patent Chunky Sole Boots – and they’re honestly so comfortable. Pair them with thick socks and kick people in the shins to your heart’s content. You better believe I picked up another pair of these in navy blue which haven’t been off my feet in days. Apart from, y’know, when I’m in the bath or something.


Okay, so this Pink Boyfriend Coat the stuff of ACTUAL DREAMS. The colour is so beautiful – more dusky pink than it appears on my photo (shout out to my mum who became quite the proficient camerawoman when I needed outfit photos taken…). I was inspired by Natasha’s blog post at love-laughter-fashion where she showcased this coat (and stalked her social media til I found out where it was from… oops). Head over there and tell her how pretty she is.

Special appearance from my rabbit Paul who decided he wanted to be a model for the day. And left fur all over my coat. Nightmare.

There you go! Have you ever bought anything from Everything5Pounds.com? Will you now you’ve seen how naturally I pose in the clothes?! I kid. Speak soon!


Hi, I’m Sally, and there’s no handy little portrait in my blog sidebar because I don’t know how to do that, so you’ve probably only seen my actual face about 3 times. One of those times is right now: hi.


I love reading stuff like this; I’m dead nosy and find it dead interesting to see what other bloggers actually put into their posts.
“I don’t like ketchup.” “I have two eyes.” “At one point in my development I was a foetus.” Okay so they are slight exaggerations, but come on now! You’re a whole wonderful person with a life and experiences that nobody else has had and that’s what you choose to tell us?! Where’s the juicy stuff?!

Saying that, I have two eyes, don’t like ketchup and was once a lil’ foetus, so that’s 3 out of 15 done and dusted.


Here we go!

  1. I wanted to be a musical theatre actress (think singing and dancing and jazz hands and teeth) for my entire life. Like, literally, since I was about 3, apart from a brief flirtation with the idea of being a landscape gardener. I went to uni to do a degree in Musical Theatre, was told it looked like I’d never danced before (guess those 16 years of dance lessons paid off, then), I was too short and not ‘conventionally attractive’ enough to end up in theatre. I left after 4 days. Success!
  2. I hardcore caught the acting bug when I was 8 and picked to be in the national touring cast of “Annie”! I played Molly, the littlest orphan who gets flung into a washing basket. Although I was petrified of dogs (including good ol’ Sandy), I was a pure professional and only came out of character once when I was elbowed heartily in the face during “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”.
  3. I was predicted A*s in every subject up until Sixth Form. Did I ever get one? Nope. Did I care? Terribly. Do I care now? Nah.
  4. I work for my Dad! I know people always say that working with family ends in disaster, but they’re mean. I love working with my Dad at his performing arts school – not only can we come home at the end of the day and have a good laugh about all the weird goings-on that day, he always puts a Crunchie bar on my desk when  I’ve finished a class, and buys me a Subway at lunchtime. Top lad.
  5. Any other job, work experience or internship I’ve ever had has ended in total disaster. I’m not even exaggerating. My anxiety makes it impossible to hold down a retail job, and I was actually told by a manager that I’m “not shy, because you have a blog, you’re just rude.” Nor, don’t think so.
    I’ve interned with two separate start-up social media companies, both of which seemed legit, but when you’re being handed an envelope of cash in a pub at lunchtime where you’re meeting your ‘boss’ for only the second time in 3 months, it starts to feel a bit dodgy. Unsurprisingly, those companies have totally disappeared off the face of the earth now.
  6. I am TERRIFIED of people. They’re so scary and weird and I don’t know what they’re thinking. I’m that person dodging out of everyone’s way in Asda frantically piping “sorry!” as they barrel past me with their trollies.
  7. When I’m sad I spend money. This is not a healthy habit, but it means I have a whole lot more lipliners than I used to after I bought a pack of 18 on Amazon at 2:32am.
  8. I’m literally the same person as my mum. However, as I write this, she’s just come through the front door bringing me a surprise Snack Wrap from McDonald’s and doing a Miranda Sings impression, so that’s pretty cool.
  9. I’m a real life actual adult. I bought a hoover, I have my own pets, I own rubber gloves for washing up and I pay rent. I also sometimes stay up til 2am playing on my Xbox and eating pretzels so I think I’ve got the balance right.
  10. If it wasn’t for my blog (and the subsequent whole ‘social media’ thing that goes along with it), I wouldn’t really have anyone to talk to, besides my family of course. I’m not really one for going out and socialising (goes with the whole “terrified of people” thing I mentioned earlier) so it’s nice to socialise from my nest (read: bed) drinking Nesquik through a party straw and watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  11. I’ve taught children from age 2 up to 18. Once they hit about 11 they tend to be taller than me, but I don’t let their constant teasing get to me (she says, sobbing quietly in  the corner).
  12. I spent my entire childhood playing with Playmbobil. Our Playmobil figures had the most dramatic lives (probably to make up for the fact that we didn’t watch soaps). We had about 100 little children, all of whom had set names – I could still name them today. Special mention goes to No-Leg – who, you guessed it, had only one leg. Slightly offensive? Maybe. But I was about 9.
  13. I’m pretty sure my feet have shrunk since I turned 18. I used to wear a size 5, or a 5.5 if I was feeling cheeky. Now I’m lucky if a size 4 is small enough to contain my lil feet. Literally the weirdest thing ever.
  14. I put chickpeas in ALL my food. Except cereal.
  15. I managed to kill several cacti. Aren’t they supposed to be indestructible?

Also, I don’t like ketchup.

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