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How To Make Money Writing As A Freelance Writer

How To Make Money Writing As A Freelance Writer

You have presentable writing skills and know-how to cook up an attractive article. You have been thinking about getting professional in your writing career lately but have no clue how or where to begin. Do not worry now, this guide will tell you how you can be a freelance writer and work from anywhere in the world. There are hundreds of ways to get paid for your writing, but before we start, you must know that you should have at least a considerable amount of content in advance to gain the trust of people who will check your articles and then hire you to write for them. In order to become a professional freelance writer, you will have to start with

A Blog

The very basic rule of joining the writing club is to have a blog. Your blog is your temple to focus and improve on your writing skills. It will be a place where you can put down your best works as well as your late-night speculations on certain topics. Start slow and make a habit of writing whenever you get an idea. Soon you will have plenty of pages in your blog to have satisfying content for your resume. If you get recognition just by your blog itself, you can start earning straight away with Google AdSense, or a Patreon account. You can also include a “Hire Me” link incase someone loved your blog and wants to hire you immediately.

Guest Post

As a writer, you must have a few favourite blogs that you follow. If you find that any of your favourite blogs are lacking behind with their content and need a helping hand, offer them one with guest posting. There are plenty of blogs online which offer guest posting in exchange of money as well as promoting your blog. Take their help to increase traffic on your website with a nice guest post which suits their likeness, so they agree on your offer.

Write eBooks

If you are a beginner and cannot come up with an idea of your own for a book, consider uploading the printed books to digital platforms through ebooks. There are huge platforms like Amazon, where you can sell your ebooks for a comparatively less price but fair enough for copy-pasting already written books.

Write your own book

Finally, when it is the moment that you have an original idea, and you are ready to pen down an entire novel, do it and upload your book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Advertise your book on all your social media platforms. Do not forget to write about it on your blog and include the link to Amazon in your Adsense.

Become a copywriter

Once you have learnt all the tricks in writing online content can call yourself a professional copywriter, becoming a real one is the next step. You can start putting up your resume on freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Elance. These freelancing platforms will provide you with the right clients who are looking for a freelance writer.

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