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About Us

Little Budget has been around for five years and have gained experience from more than 450+ clients and we are still growing.

Eliminate Your Debt

We can easily help you set up a debt elimination plan which can be hard to follow and we make sure that we help you get rid of your debt at once.


If you want to invest and expect some benefits in the future you can with the help of our guidance you can start to get returns almost immediately.


If you want to save your money and needs some advice on it, we can help you advice on the best ways to save money.



Ideas For Making Money

We have many ideas and some of them which have worked traditionally include

Online Surveys

One can easily earn money just by signing up to online surveys and working for cash rewards.

Market Trading

We can help you learn a lot about marketing with the knowledge we have and we can assure you that you will be able to earn in the process.

Affiliate Marketing

One way you can earn a lot of commission is by promoting other people’s products.

Online Publishing (E-books)

The cost of online publishing is low but the return you get are much more.


One way you can earn some extra money is by self employing and earning in the process.

Virtual Assistantship

This job requires minimum work but a lot of cash which can help you in a lot of ways.


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Latest Posts

  • If you are planning on something which requires you to spend money, the most critical decisions that you will need to make is deciding the budget for your entire plan. It can be a vacation, a business idea, or your dream car. Everything needs a financial plan and a realistic budget which does not bring you on the road. Here are five simple steps that you need to follow while planning a successful budget for anything.

    Calculate Expenses

    The first and foremost thing you need to know is how much you spend each month. Do not just rely on your memory. Take the help of bank statements, receipts, and financial documents to find out the accurate number. Find out the average of your expenses for at least six months if you want to know what your actual financial picture is. Being thorough with your expenses will help you make a better plan in deciding your realistic budget and how much you can spend and save for the future.

    Determine You Income

    Your income is the next step that you need to realise after you know your expenses. Again these things are really important and having a clear and accurate picture can make a huge difference in your savings. Add up your salary and additional sources of money throughout the year or at least six months.

    Set Savings And Debt Payoff Goals

    To determine realistic savings and debt payoff goals, you must include your debts and set payoff goals. You must also find out if you have a shortfall or overage. You can determine it by subtracting your monthly expenses from your income. If you are making more money than you spend, this amount can be used for savings and to pay off debts. Once you have a clear picture of where your money goes, you can use the information to cut your expenses. You need to be merciless on cutting your expenses till you find stable ground. If you are unable to cut your budget, find ways to increase your income.  

    Record Spending and Track Progress

    You need to keep a record for all your expenses, big or small; everything should be in the record to help make a better financial plan. Having fewer expenses will help you become more minimalistic over unnecessary things and will also save your money for better things like a big vacation. Having a record of your expenses will make you think twice before blindly spurlging and help in reaching the saving goals.

    Be Realistic

    You should be determined till the end of the month in sticking to your budget no matter what lures you in. You must always be realistic in believing that you have aimed to follow a plan. A strong will is necessary for a successful budget. Although you can always ease off when you need money, saving doesn’t mean killing all your pleasures and happiness. It should be only to cut off the things which are not a necessity.

  • Money is a type of asset which everyone wants to possess. But not everybody can get their hands on additional finances which they wish to possess. For this purpose, there are methods and ways through which you can gain access over a considerable amount by making sensible investments in things which will give you returns. Hence here are some of the best investments for your money.   Stock Market   There is no investment scheme which does not come with considerable amounts of risks. Risks are a part of all financial transactions forcing you to produce benefits by avoiding them. One such investment with a lot of financial risk is the stock market. The stock market has been around since ages, and it requires you to know the market before you step into it. Risks and uncertainties are what moulds your decisions from entering this market. With proper advice and financial planning, even you make suitable returns through investments in the stock market.   Certificate of Deposit (CD)   CD or Certificate of Deposit might be one of the best schemes offered by most of the banks out there. Such accounts have a more significant amount interest rate when compared to the usual savings account. Their maturity period can be a few months or even few years. Regardless of the maturity period, one is sure to get the principal amount and the amount of interest (Based on the period of maturity) by the end of the period. These transactions are safe and secure, as it happens between you and your bank and avoids the scope for a middleman.   Mutual Funds   Mutual funds differ from other forms of investments in securities. Once you invest in mutual funds, your money gets diversified as they are invested in different types of securities. By doing so, you can reduce the number of risks to a large extent. Apart from that, mutual funds also guarantee you with safety as your investment will be handled professionally. This is one of the main reasons why people have been putting their money in mutual funds and continue to do so.   Property Investment   Another important form of investment widely appreciated in the 21st century is real estate. The property market has been around for ages and even now manages to create a profound impact with several investors. But one must always be aware of the broader risk he/she will be entering into if they plan on investing in real estate. On the other hand, there are also means through which you can reduce such risks, i.e. by making investments in Real Estate Investment Trusts and other such investment schemes. With return rates ranging from 8 to 12%, real estate is a viable option.

  • You have presentable writing skills and know-how to cook up an attractive article. You have been thinking about getting professional in your writing career lately but have no clue how or where to begin. Do not worry now, this guide will tell you how you can be a freelance writer and work from anywhere in the world. There are hundreds of ways to get paid for your writing, but before we start, you must know that you should have at least a considerable amount of content in advance to gain the trust of people who will check your articles and then hire you to write for them. In order to become a professional freelance writer, you will have to start with

    A Blog

    The very basic rule of joining the writing club is to have a blog. Your blog is your temple to focus and improve on your writing skills. It will be a place where you can put down your best works as well as your late-night speculations on certain topics. Start slow and make a habit of writing whenever you get an idea. Soon you will have plenty of pages in your blog to have satisfying content for your resume. If you get recognition just by your blog itself, you can start earning straight away with Google AdSense, or a Patreon account. You can also include a “Hire Me” link incase someone loved your blog and wants to hire you immediately.

    Guest Post

    As a writer, you must have a few favourite blogs that you follow. If you find that any of your favourite blogs are lacking behind with their content and need a helping hand, offer them one with guest posting. There are plenty of blogs online which offer guest posting in exchange of money as well as promoting your blog. Take their help to increase traffic on your website with a nice guest post which suits their likeness, so they agree on your offer.

    Write eBooks

    If you are a beginner and cannot come up with an idea of your own for a book, consider uploading the printed books to digital platforms through ebooks. There are huge platforms like Amazon, where you can sell your ebooks for a comparatively less price but fair enough for copy-pasting already written books.

    Write your own book

    Finally, when it is the moment that you have an original idea, and you are ready to pen down an entire novel, do it and upload your book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Advertise your book on all your social media platforms. Do not forget to write about it on your blog and include the link to Amazon in your Adsense.

    Become a copywriter

    Once you have learnt all the tricks in writing online content can call yourself a professional copywriter, becoming a real one is the next step. You can start putting up your resume on freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Elance. These freelancing platforms will provide you with the right clients who are looking for a freelance writer.

  • Money is a crucial factor in our life, which decides a lot of things. Only when one understands the difficulty in earning money will they gain the importance of saving it for future purposes. Hence, saving money is a necessary move which you need to do at the earliest but if you're wondering how then we have some simple ways and methods which might help you save money.  

    The Budget

      There is nobody in this world who you knows you better than yourself. You know exactly who you are the moment you see an expensive jacket for sale. So you need to form a budget which helps you cut down on expenses and save money. This budget should not be unrealistic. It should provide you with enough finances to run through the month without arising the need for overspending.  

    The Debt

      In case you already have a large amount of debt, then you need to focus on clearing that amount before you can think of anything else. Debt is not a good option to move forward into a saving mentality. It can cause numerous problems which affect and destroy your financial stability. Hence if you have a debt, then reduce and prevent yourself from falling into one shortly.

    Curb Your Lifestyle

      Another aspect of saving money is controlling your expenditure. For this, you need to mould your lifestyle in a manner which will not lead you in the path of debt. But by curbing your lifestyle, we do not mean that you prevent yourself from having a social life. There are times where you need to have fun, and there are times when you need to avoid some fun. So make sure your lifestyle is not harmful to your health and finances.  

    Saving Goals

      Dreams can always be converted into reality. This is a crucial move to create a space for savings. Any individual can create savings the moment they begin to dream about the things they could achieve with it. Such finances can provide for a bunch of needs and requirements in the future. As the future is uncertain one cannot predict the arrival of immediate expenses. Hence learn to dream and save.  


      One cannot begin saving without having a proper method or tool to use while saving. For this, you need to approach a bank which will help in providing you with accounts that navigate your instalments into saving funds. Savings account, Certificate of Deposit (CD) are some of the tools which people utilize to carry forward their savings into a secure and safe transaction. They also provide you with adequate amounts of interests, and hence, you will be benefited. In this manner, you will always have a pillar to support during times when you need it the most.

  • A good photographer is always in demand as the media industry continues to grow. If you are also a photographer who wants to know the right platforms to sell your photos online, then here is a list for you. Good quality photographs are always in high demand and media houses, as well as other business organisations, will always need fresh pictures to promote themselves. The largest buying base of stock photos are bloggers and small to medium size business websites. The types of pictures can include food, travel, animals, landscapes, birds, objects, tools, people, vehicles and many more. The possibilities are numerous, and the market craves pictures every day.

    Your  website

    The best place to sell your pictures is on your own website. You can place them in categories of your choice. You can set your own prices, set your own terms and conditions and connect with the buyers directly. You can advertise your website on different platforms and guest post on other websites to generate more traffic to your website. To create your own website, you can take the help of WordPress or hire a freelance web developer.

    Adobe Stock

    Adobe Stock is the most popular destination for anyone who wants to buy a good quality photo. It is more than a decade old platform and one of the very first platforms to sell photos. With Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, you can edit your pictures however you want and sell them on their own platform. The contributor to Adobe Stock makes about 20-60 percent of the selling price.


    Shutterstock was founded in 2003 for the purpose of uploading high-quality images and selling them for fair prices. The site has more than a total of 200 million images, videos, gifs and music tracks for people who wants to purchase any of their postings. According to the site, they have paid over 500 million dollars to their photographers. Aside from payments, Shutterstock also gives credit of the pictures to their real owners, which is a major plus on marketing your work. As a contributor, you can make 20-30 per cent of the payment for your pictures, and it is done monthly.  


    Alamy is another great platform for posting your pictures for sale without any hard and fast rules. Alamy is a new website which does not have as many customers as ShutterStock, but still remains one of the most reliable websites for stock photos with over 115 million stock photos and payments for more than 180 million dollars. You can make up to 50 percent profits on each photograph of yours that get sold.


    Etsy is generally a place for artists to sell their handmade crafts. But it also is a platform for photographers to sell their images in several ways. Etsy has a larger audience of artists which will recognise the worth of your photographs and are more likely to purchase them for their projects like blogs. You are free to set your own price over your photos and also a designing option to display your work on your profile.