A change is as good as a rest: a life update

Hi! Remember me? No? Sorry.

I’ve neglected my blog this year. 2017 was going to be THE year I grow my blog – get those stats rising, go to events, have new wonderful content uploaded every other day.


Yeah, that didn’t happen. Oops.

What have I been doing with my 2017 instead, I hear you ask? Well. I got another job (I’m never satisfied until my days are so busy I don’t have time to breathe); I got a puppy, and I found someone weird enough to want to be my boyfriend. I graduated with a First in Media Studies and won an award for my work during my degree. I started a Masters Degree. I bought a house.
I also ate a great many Mini Rolls, put on two stone, needed to double my antidepressant prescription, played the Sims, slept a lot, cried a lot and generally felt crap about myself.

I’m still not massively happy. I have horribly hard days and then I have some days where all I want to do is sit and write, but life gets in the way (generally in the form of a floor that needs mopping or a puppy that keeps ripping up my socks and running off with them).

But I want to be creative; I want to write and take photographs and make films and videos. I want to DO something. So, inspired as always by the wonderful women in the blogging community, that’s what I’m going to try to do. I want to introduce so many new things on this blog. Funny things. Sad things. I want to blog my shambolic journey through my 20s and have you here for all of it. I don’t want my complete lack of motivation to stop me.

I’m lucky enough now that I have someone who supports me completely and lets me bounce my aspirations around as I try to convince myself that yep, losing two stone is going to be easy; I’m going to buy some new gym gear and watch me go! I’m assuring myself that a 3000 word essay will flow magically from my brain and get me a First. I’m 100% certain that if I redecorate my spare bedroom it’ll make me feel a thousand times better. That if I blog about my life changing it’ll make me change it.

Expect so many new things from me. I’m not going anywhere – I’ve found my place in the blogging community (somewhere in between ‘sober one at the party wishing she was at home with her animals’ and ‘absolute advocate for girl power’) and I want to make the most of it.

I’ve just sat back from my laptop and read this post through. I’m not sure I’ve rediscovered my blogging voice (sarcastic, uses too many hyphens, abbreviating queen) but this feels like me and for now, that’s what I’m grateful for.

I’ll speak to you very soon.



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  1. November 2, 2017 / 11:59 am

    Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts ❤

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