I love myself. There we go, I said it – and I mean it. I’m my best bud, but it’s taken me a hell of a long time to get to where I am today. I was so inspired by Lucy’s post ‘Unapologetically Me’ (which you need to read, like, right now) and even more inspired when she created the Self Love Tag!

Here are the rules:
Answer all the questions honestly!
Tag 5 people you’d like to do this tag! Let’s be real, I’ll probably tag sixty million of you because this tag is NICE and IMPORTANT okay? Let’s go!

The Self-Love Tag Icon

  1. What is something that’s getting you down at the moment?
    I’ve finished uni and I’m SO. BORED. I’m doing a Masters in September but that seems light years away. I’m wasting my days lounging about with my puppy and eating Freddo bars.
  2. What is something that makes you happy?
    Spending time in the sunshine! I can feel myself cheering up as I soak in the sun; bonus points for stylish sunglasses, a giant bun and preferably something gingham to wear.
  3. Name 3 guilty pleasures.
    Video games, eating anything with sour cream (including ready salted crisps, breadsticks, celery… you name it), and spending my wages the second I finish work.
  4. What is something about yourself you want to improve?
    Looking after my body – shift a bit of the excess weight I’ve magically put on while I’ve been napping throughout the day and eating takeaways.
  5. When was the last time you belly laughed?
    Me and my mum regularly laugh our heads off at the most ridiculous things. I can’t remember a specific time but it’ll have been wildly inappropriate.
  6. What is your biggest insecurity/fear?
    Being forgotten.
  7. Name a song that always cheers you up when you’re down.
    Tomorrow from Annie! What a bop that tune is – and it’s impossible to be grumpy when it’s playing. It’s also impossible not to enthusiastically lip-sync along.
  8. Name 3 things you like about yourself.
    My work ethic (ya girl works 7 days a week, don’tcha know?), my lips (Kylie Jenner ain’t got nuthin on my bad boys) and my figure. It’s a bit chunkier than I’d like at the moment but I’m loving it anyway!
  9. What is an achievement that’s made you proud of yourself this year?
    If I’ve worked it out correctly, I’ve finished my degree with a First!
  10. Tell us your happiest memory. 
    There are so many! Bringing my bunnies home, bringing Amber home, my birthdays, moving into my house, being offered a job at Disney…

So there we go! I’m tagging bloggers I’m loving (and stalking a lil bit) this month: Abbey, Severina, Alice, Olivia and Naomi!



I love a good list of goals – check out my 101 in 1001 challenge post if you haven’t already! – and what better place to share said goals than with you guys? And girls. And mice.

I know, I know – it’s nearly June. Let’s say these are my halfway-through-the-year blogging goals. Can you relate to any of these? Let’s go!


  1. Hit 2000 followers on my blog Instagram (which, by the way, is my only Instagram because my ‘real’ life consists solely of Sims 4, hoovering and feeding my zoo). It’s @littlebudget if you want to help me out…
  2. Hit 4000 Twitter followers! This number is INSANE to me – and expect a little giveaway once I get there!
  3. Post on my blog at least 3 times a week. Ideally I want to do one beauty post, one lifestyle and one personal post per week. Let me know your thoughts!
  4. Set up a bloggers WhatsApp group. I want new friends! New friends who can lust over each other’s flatlays and recommend the best drugstore makeup products pls.
  5. Start a dedicated Disney section on my blog. Disney (and my fast-growing collection… oops) has become such a big part of my life and I have so much to write about!
  6. Not specifically blog-related… but I want to vlog my days on Instagram Stories! I apologise in advance for how big my forehead is.

Such a tiddly tiny post today, but it’s a cute lil one, don’t you think? Speak soon!


I love a good challenge. I’m forever pinning those 30-day squat challenges to my designated 30-day-challenge board and promising myself that I’ll start them… on Monday. Or at the start of the month. Or the end of the month. Spoiler alert – I still haven’t done a 30-day squat challenge. I’m not sure I’d fit into my leggings if my behind got any bigger.

Then I stumbled across the 101 in 1001 challenge. I was intrigued, because you get to set your own little goals and tick them off and I like ticking stuff off, okay? I’m the sort of person who’ll write something I’ve already done on my to-do list and tick it off just to feel a bit mighty. Anyone else?

The 101 in 1001 challenge is essentially this: set yourself 101 little goals, tasks, activities, anything you like! You’ve got 1001 days to finish off your list – this works out as about 3 years ish (I haven’t looked at a calculator and am horrendous at maths so please correct me if I’m wrong…!) which is a nice long stretch of time for me to procrastinate with!

I’ve chosen a mix of important and silly tasks and challenges and goals for my 1001 days – let me know your favourite frivolous ones!

I’ll be updating this post as I go along – and sharing it to my Twitter every week or so, so you can see how I’m getting on! This isn’t a tag, but TAG you’re it – I’d LOVE to read some other bloggers’ 101 in 1001 challenges! Without further ado, here we go!

101 things in 1,001 days


  1. Get a puppy! COMPLETED 17/5/17 – I brought Amber home!
  2. Learn to drive.
  3. Buy a car.
  4. Hold a tarantula.
  5. Read 50 Shades of Grey – I must be the only person who hasn’t yet!
  6. Have a Disney movie marathon.
  7. Make a new friend (my DMs are open for friendship applications…).
  8. Vlog a day in my life on Instagram Stories!
  9. Take puppy to obedience classes.
  10. Visit a canine café.
  11. Buy an Xbox 1 because DEAD RISING 4.
  12. Get my eyebrows waxed. COMPLETED – and I didn’t cry like a baby!
  13. Finish Dead Rising 2 on my Xbox without screaming/wetting myself.
  14. Learn to do the splits!
  15. Drink the right amount of water every day for a month.
  16. Lose 1.5 stone! I’ve ballooned somewhat over the last year and I’m not keen.
  17. Start & finish the new Zelda game on Wii U.
  18. Finish any Pokémon game on my DS.
  19. Play Animal Crossing!
  20. Complete a Sims 4 Challenge (look them up, I’m addicted!).
  21. Get the disneylife app and watch every movie I can!
  22. Get a massage (oo-er).
  23. Read 100 books (I should smash this one!).
  24. Save some money every day for a month & treat myself with what I save.
  25. Start a journal, bullet or otherwise.
  26. Take a fashion risk (not wearing a bra counts as a risk, right…?).
  27. Go to a fitness class.
  28. Go to a dance class.
  29. Clear out my entire wardrobe, millions of coats included.
  30. Buy a whole new wardrobe that actually fits/suits me…
  31. Complete a colouring book!
  32. Finish one of those pesky 30 day challenges…
  33. Have a hair makeover!
  34. Get a wash & blow dry every few months.
  35. Finish reading Battle Royale.
  36. Have a tech-free day.
  37. Blog every day for a month!
  38. Post twice on Instagram every day for a week & blog the results!
  39. Go to Disneyland Paris!
  40. Decorate my bedroom.
  41. Get a hairless rat.
  42. Go to Center Parcs!
  43. Come off my antidepressants.
  44. Go on a date!
  45. Have a no-spend month.
  46. Cook a new meal every day for a week.
  47. Learn how to do a cut crease properly without looking like an unskilled drag queen.
  48. Find a new hobby!
  49. Improve my photography.
  50. Collect all of the Disney city tsum tsum sets…
  51. Go to the cinema by myself.
  52. Cook a three course  meal for my family.
  53. Have a birthday party!
  54. Have a beach day!
  55. Grow some plants in my garden.
  56. Graduate!
  57. Graduate my Masters!
  58. See Wicked in the West End.
  59. Get a fitbit type thingy. COMPLETED – but I don’t know how to work the bugger.
  60. Have a London holiday.
  61. Make money on eBay!
  62. Maintain a fake tan for a whole month & blog the process.
  63. Go back to singing lessons.
  64. Do another musical theatre exam!
  65. Go abroad for the first time!
  66. Have a barbecue in my new garden with my family.
  67. Get a promotion/more responsibilities at work!
  68. Exercise every day for a month.
  69. Take a selfie every day for a month & blog the process.
  70. Give up going out for food for a month.
  71. Start a savings account and put aside a little bit every month.
  72. Create a skincare routine – and stick to it!
  73. Go cruelty free with all my makeup, hair and skincare products.
  74. Tweet something nice to someone every week.
  75. Go to a hen do!
  76. Go for a jog round a park without being mortified.
  77. Sing in public.
  78. Dedicate an hour a day to tidying up and organising.
  79. Build a space for my pets in the spare room – my house looks like a pet shop…
  80. Find the beach I loved from Cornwall. Or was it Wales? I can’t remember. Find it anyway.
  81. Swim in the sea.
  82. Sort out who I’m subscribed to on YouTube & unsubscribe from anyone I don’t watch (this might take years…)!
  83. Have a photoshoot done without making audible panic sounds when smiling.
  84. Get a pedicure.
  85. Grow my nails and get gels to keep them pretty!
  86. Write a post about my blogging goals.
  87. Find a bra that actually fits me.
  88. Monitor my mental health every day for a month.
  89. Learn how to swim!
  90. Get a swimming costume that makes me feel bangin’.
  91. Go to a petting zoo!
  92. Start a photo album of my twenties. I can’t wait to look back on it!
  93. Have a day out in Newcastle with my Dad. It’s my favourite tradition.
  94. Go to a car boot sale. I loved these when I was little!
  95. Stretch every day for a month.
  96. Keep a diary that I’ll actually use and not just put cute stickers in…
  97. House train my puppy (not loving little wees all over my bed…).
  98. Take better care of my body – lotion & body butter, I’m coming for you!
  99. Try every Lush bath bomb.
  100. Display and expand my Disney collection!
  101. Work on my anger and stress levels!

So there we go – kudos if you’re reading this far down! These are my goals for the next couple of years. Let’s see if I can stick to any of them, shall we…?! Follow me on Twitter for updates at @little_budget! Speak soon!


Am I really such a massive fan of Disney, I ask myself, perched at my kitchen table in my Tinkerbell pyjamas and Ariel slippers, with my favourite mug (feat. my queen Marie from the Aristocats) of coffee? The answer is yes (duh).

I haven’t actually been tagged to do this tag (too many uses of the word ‘tag’ there, Sal), but I really fancied doing it. Sorry ’bout it. Here we go!


I’m going to have to say Belle! I’ve always loved her because of her passion for reading and her kind heart. Plus she’s so flippin’ beautiful, and I’ve always been a bit of an oddball too.


Giselle from Enchanted! This is one of the most underrated Disney movies. I ADORE Giselle; not only is she stunning, she’s sweet and kind and has magnificent hair. And her white ballgown is to DIE for.


Judy Hopps! I adore Judy – her positive attitude and epic car-ticketing skills cemented this one for me.


Olaf! I know some people love to hate on my boyfriend (I recently had a dream where I married Josh Gad and now I’m in love with him in real life) but he’s hilarious (“oh look, I’ve been impaled!”) and adorable and he stands in front of a fire and he’s going to melt and it’s so sad but so cute at the same time and now I’m going to rewatch Frozen.


Marie. Hands down, this sassy lil queen is my ultimate favourite.


She’s not necessarily a sidekick, but I adore Lottie from Princess and the Frog. Such a drama queen!


Gaston. My babe. I love him. That is all.


Mickey is adorable!


I See the Light from Tangled. Nothing beats this song – it’s so romantic and beautiful!


Be Our Guest. No song gets me doing a kickline faster.


Gaston. Sung by Gaston. My babe. That is all.


Sorry to literally every single person in the world, but I honestly can’t be doing with Circle of Life…


Giselle and Robert at the end of Enchanted!


The first movie I remember seeing was The Tigger Movie. I sobbed my little heart out when he found his ‘family tree’.


Sleeping Beauty! I adore the fairies (my personal fave and actual spirit animal is Merryweather, what a queen).


Under the Sea! It comes on at work and I get my sass on.


Inside Out. Even though I’ve only seen it once and can never put myself through the emotional trauma ever again. I HOWLED crying watching this one and got my popcorn all soggy. It’s such a powerful tool for teaching children about mental health. Also Amy Poehler.




Toy Story 2. Jessie has always had a special place in my heart for being a complete badass.


The Lion King. Sorry!


The Princess and the Frog! Tiana’s work ethic and her dream to open a restaurant are serious #girlboss goals. Plus, she’s one of the most beautiful princesses I think Disney have ever created – she’s stunning.


Mulan is full of absolute hilarity. The scene where she’s having a cheeky lil bath in the lake is epic.


Inside Out again. Something about it really struck a chord with me (and made me remember Bethany, my imaginary friend and true sass queen).


When poor Maurice is sick and frightened in the Beast’s castle. Poor lad.


Ray the firefly in The Princess and the Frog. That broke me.


“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere; I want it more than I can tell.
Or another classic, “I use antlers in all of my decorating.”


I’ve never been to any of them! Growing up we didn’t do holidays very often, so I’m hoping to treat myself and my family to a lil jaunt to Disneyland Paris for my birthday this year.

So there we go – just a lil insight into my Disney faves (and not so faves. Looking at you, Andy in Toy Story 3. Not happy with you one bit). Let me know if you’d like any more Disney related posts! Collections? Hauls? I’ll do ’em. Speak soon!


I love being creative. Unfortunately my actual creative skills are reminiscent of a toddler with a felt pen – dangerous and unpredictable, and will generally colour outside the lines by accident. Yep, I’m not the best drawer, colourer-inner (that’s definitely a word) or designer in the world but there are some people who are. They’re not me, just to clarify. Again.

I’ve been ordering from some amazing small businesses lately – and please note, when I say small business I mean absolutely no disrespect whatsoever: the hustle is real for these girls and they are most definitely smashing it!

Now, like most bloggers/22-year old women/humans, I love stationery, and postcards, and quotes and prettiness. Let’s have a look at my favourites, and the amazing businesses they come from!

That Lame Company


My Instagram looks like a shrine to That Lame Company at the moment and I’m not even sorry. Chloe is smashing it out of the park with Pinterest-worthy prints, stationery, greetings cards and stickers. Don’t even know where to start? She offers customised bundles and lucky dips at various price points (perfect if you’re on a budget or if you want to treat yo-self) and if you’ve collected a fair amount of her stuff (like me), even lets you request that they’re not included in your order!

My personal favourites are the rose gold prints, and the incredibly apt “I should have done this stuff yesterday” to-do list, which speaks to my actual procrastinating soul.

My parcels have always arrived quickly and safely, and are packaged ADORABLY with stickers and doodles on the envelope. Also, can I get an amen for FREE UK POSTAGE? Amen.



If you don’t know Jemma, you’ve probably been living under a rock, or like, in the countryside somewhere where there’s no wifi. This blogging queen has taken to Etsy to sell her gorgeous illustrations, stickers and prints. I love Jemma; she’s done so much for the blogging community (she’s the queen who started #thegirlgang, don’tcha know?), so naturally I want to support her creative endeavours and, completely selfishly, get some pretty stuff for my new house.

I’ve only ordered once from Jemma’s shop – scandalous I know – but as I type there’s a cheeky little tab open with my Paypal details ready to go. My personal faves from her store are her sticker packs – I picked up the self-care stickers to remind me to take some time for myself sometimes. Everything is illustrated in true Dorkface style – bright, happy and girly!

If you need a bit of help with staying organised, Jemma creates blog planner and bullet journal stickers so the inner organisational freak inside all of us can take a deep breath…and chill out.

Dot Creates


Home of the Ultimate Blog Planner (ie the spark that gave me back my blogging mojo), Dot Creates has everything you’ll ever need to get your organising on. Danielle even has a section for bloggers, which houses the Blogger Essentials Box (it’s on sale, people, quick!).

I picked up the Blogger Essentials Box and did an actual shriek of happiness when I opened it (the packaging was honestly so exciting; it was like opening a birthday present!). Everything is just so Instagrammable! Materialism aside, the blog planner is actually simple enough to customise to your liking – with handy little check boxes to tick off once you’ve written a post, taken photos, sorted your links and finally published your masterpiece.

Off you go; go and support these wonderful women and their businesses (and while you’re at it, let me know of any other creative businesses I should be sending my wages to!). Speak soon!