5 Ways to Succeed at University

I never thought I was going to go to university. I was all, “oh, I don’t feel like it”, “I don’t need to go to uni”, “I don’t want to live with people I don’t know”. I waited a year and a bit after I left college, intending to just get a job and live happily ever after like an education-shunning Disney princess.

Unfortunately all that happened was I put on loads of weight, applied for over 200 jobs and got precisely 4 interviews, and I was BORED. I missed learning stuff; I missed being around other people and I actually missed getting up early to go to school or college.

I’ve been at uni now for two years (I’ll be starting my third year in October). I think in my time at uni so far I’ve gathered a fair few tips and tricks to help you survive (and succeed!). Let’s go.

University Tips

  1. Get the kit. For my degree, we don’t do a great deal of practical work, but if you’re studying anything remotely creative (whether it be art, film, journalism, photography…), make sure you’ve got your own kit to work with. Although my uni lends out cameras and equipment, you’ve got to book in advance, and there are certain rules you’ve got to abide by which can make creativity a bit of a challenge. I have a little camera that shoots video as well as a DSLR, which has served me pretty well at uni so far! Spend a bit of your loan on some kit before you spend it all on Fresher’s Week teeshirts and test tube shots.
  2. Write notes. You would not BELIEVE the amount of people I’ve seen who just sit in lectures staring into space and not. writing. a. single. thing. down. I write everything down – it helps me to absorb the information and gives me a handy little book of notes to look over when it comes to assignment time.
  3. Think about why you’re there. If the only reason you’re at uni is to get drunk and get away from your parents, you’re not at uni for the right reasons. Think about the privilege you have to be attending university: 100 years ago, girls wouldn’t have even gone to secondary school. Don’t waste your time!
  4. Do your research. Say you’re studying PR, or journalism: buy a stack of magazines and newspapers. Make notes. Rip them up. Make a scrapbook of interesting ideas and concepts. You study science? Go to the library, read some journals. I’m constantly online, or reading specialist books. They can be hard work, but they’re interesting, and you WILL learn something that’ll give you an edge over your classmates.
  5. Don’t be afraid to complain. Group projects and presentations have been the bane of my life during my time at university. It’s so difficult to work with unmotivated, or, let’s not sugar-coat it, lazy people. Tell someone: tell a tutor or a lecturer. They’ll be keeping track of who’s doing what, and it shows that you care about the project. You’re paying for their services anyway!

Are you at university, or planning on going? Good luck, you educational babes, you.



  1. July 14, 2016 / 4:09 pm

    Great tips!! I definitely feel your pain when it comes to group assignments; there always seems to be a few people who just will not carry their share of the workload! I’m really hoping that when I start grad school there will not be any group assignments because they really don’t allow you to succeed as well as completing assignments on your own (at least if you’re the hard worker in the group)…
    Thanks for sharing these tips! I write a lot about university as well if you want to have a look at my blog! fightingtofindmyself.wordpress.com/blog

  2. July 27, 2016 / 9:53 am

    Super advice!
    I have just chosen my third year modules so that I don’t have to do group work 🙈 Other people just don’t want to pull their own weight!
    I would also say it’s really important to get in a routine at uni, otherwise you spend 8 hours on Netflix!

    Love from,
    Your friends at http://www.trythinkingfemale.com


    • July 27, 2016 / 10:54 am

      Yes, that’s so true! To-do lists are my saviour! Checking out your blog now xx

  3. August 16, 2016 / 12:14 pm

    This post is coming at a great time as I’m starting uni this year. Just like you I didn’t start my studies immediately – I always knew that I wanted to go to uni but wasn’t sure which carrier was right for me. Your tips are great, taking notes is really important and so is doing research and reading additional specialist books. xx


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